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Placing the covers back on the couch when they are slightly damp will prevent them from wrinkling so much. I hope you found this post helpful in some way! I bought the basic sofa&loveseat in warm white in April..last night was my first attempt at cleaning since they were fairly grimey, not to mention my hubby let the toddler on the loveseat with a chocolate pretzel stick I had not yet found your post, but I did wash per PB’s instructions & the loveseat covers came out streaky and splotchy as if parts were turning white white while others were remaining the original warm white color but I did not use bleach. I then remove the covers from the tub, ring them out a bit and bring them in a laundry basket downstairs to the laundry room to be placed in the washer. Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions for your Anywhere Chair. The bleach water was brown by the time they finished soaking, but they look fantastic! Hi! You’ll love the sofas! Fabric Quality: I have been totally impressed by the quality of the slip cover! I’m so glad this worked out for you and save you some money! We are definitely ready for new ones but as you know, they’re not inexpensive, so we’re holding out as much as possible. Hi Brooke! I had to get a replacement from Pottery Barn. Step 1. I have been bleaching them the entire time, usually twice a year. They come out beautiful! ... Machine wash slipcover in cold water separately. Thanks in advance. When it gets dirty (which is often) I take the cushions out and throw the cover into the washing machine and then dryer. After I remove the couch cover for the first couch and take it to the laundry room, I then start the same process for the second couch. I noticed you mentioned about keeping the cushions zipped when you washed them. I have a love seat, arm chair and armless chair that have lived many places with varying amounts of sun beating down on them; some are more faded than others. Choose from 70+ fabrics and upgrade your Pottery Barn PB sofas today. Clubhouse 8 Days of Gifting for Hanukkah. The reason we close the zippers is to avoid all the strings on the edge of the zippers coming off. It arrived in a pretty small box on my front porch, but once I took it out, in a few days it was back to it’s normal size. Crafted with foldable bronze legs and in comfy light gray canvas, this chair will be the most sought … The second time I tried to wash … Hi Valerie! Thanks again. Custom Slipcovers for your Pottery Barn Lullaby Rocker/Glider chair from your own fabric DIYslipcovers. Gasp!! Now, this is the only way I wash them. The boys … I called PB and they said the cushions can’t be cleaned but can be replaced (sans slipcovers) but the cost is about $100 each. We are getting our white pb comfort grand sofas delivered soon. Our couches are Denim in Warm White. We used to have to switch out furniture every couple of years until we decided to just buy quality things that would last, even if it meant getting them little by little. BTW, your house looks gorgeous! Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chair Review. Explore discounts on Pottery barn anywhere chair cover. Having had numerous pets who, at various times over the years, have thrown up (and done other assorted nightmarish things) on the furniture, I discovered that the cushions underneath (I have the down-covered foam) have disgusting yellow stains. Thanks for stopping by! Create a … I had to get a replacement from Pottery Barn. Plush beanbag inserts are eco-friendly and filled with up to 50% recycled polystyrene. I add the liquid detergent and also add more bleach to the receptacle in the washer filling it to the MAX line. Note the bold print above. Step 4 - Repeat above with the cushion covers. The dog jumped up on him and coffee went all over the couch! Hi Vicky! I’m not sure if this is an issue with my dryer but it works out perfectly because I need the covers to be slightly damp when placing them back on the sofas. Do you just use one cap full of detergent per load? Though my kids are older and make fewer messes, we still have dogs who like to jump on them once in a while. I’m afraid of purchasing a washing machine that will not give me enough room to wash my slipcovers! To clean, remove insert. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Shop anywhere chair from Pottery Barn Teen. There’s tons of very cute options on their website for new slip covers. Can you put starch in the wash so the slipcovers remain like when they were new. I just found a Big Sur sectional on the pottery barn site upholstered in sunbrella fabric for 1/2 price, under $2500! For best use, insert and slipcover seams should both run vertically; horizontal seams can … I’m so happy you gave your couch one last shot at life!! It’s definitely not meant to be used without the slipcovers. I hope you’re able to get them nice and clean! Usually works fine if the couches have recently been washed. When it gets dirty (which is often) I take the cushions out and throw the cover into the washing … Insert. Bring to UPS Location … We have soft white denim PB slipcovers, too! Hi Jo! Thanks! I’m super excited and so nervous all at the same time. I too have the roll arm pottery barn slipcovered sofa and oversized chair. No scrubbing per se, and I’m not having much luck. The amount of smudge and dirt build-up was excessive. Thanks for your comment, you made me laugh. My last resort would be a throw blanket strategically placed! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve used your method a number of times with much success. Our furniture, home decor and accessories collections feature anywhere chair in quality materials and classic styles. I get a new one once we move into our new home.) So read on to see how I went from grimy to sparkling clean! I’ve also bleached my slipcovers and they looked great but when I put them back on the furniture slightly damp the icky color from the yellowed cushions bled through…ugh…so I washed ’em again and then didn’t put them back on until they were dry – and they did shrink and pulling them back over the furniture was exhausting; I actually worked up a sweat. Tumble dry low, do not iron. Tumble dry on low heat, remove promptly. That is so funny, wouldn’t you know that after so many years, one of my covers finally has a tear in it as well!! Need a new Pottery Barn PB Basic sofa slipcover, PB Comfort Roll Arm couch slipcover, or PB Comfort Square Arm sofa slipcover? That’s about 8 months of grime right there. She was scared when approached by anyone and she certainly wouldn’t dare climb on a couch when she first came into our home. Hi Carole! June 2011 in Pre-School. I wonder if you have a different material that wasn’t washable?? Mine are finally on their last leg after almost 7 years of abuse! Furniture from Pottery Barn is designed to withstand all types of weather with ease, making maintenance a snap. After reading about your success in keeping them clean, I am sold! My hubby said he was going to try soaking them for a while to loosen the stains before washing. So, I had to leave the faucet on for a total of 4 minutes to fill the tub with 16 gallons of water. I don’t plan on bleaching them until it’s really necessary. I appreciate your comment about my home! Hi Valerie! I am desperate as Pottery Barn has discontinued this color. The cushion covers don’t get wrinkled if you put them on slightly damp. Should I be worried? Has anyone found a cheaper version of slipcovers to purchase? I’m always a little hesitant when using the bleach on my slipcovers but I haven’t noticed anything negative with this process, no rusting around the zipper or blotchy spots in the fabric. In any case, it ’ s 3.6 cu ft it ’ s tons of budget-friendly... Stick, my apologies to Pottery Barn slipcovered sofas the blotting, salt and baking soda methods, then! An assortment of colorful throws on hand and switch them out in the wash the. Their way out and need to be a throw blanket strategically placed keep an of... And my husband secretly did to clean your Pottery Barn … washing Barn... Cushions on the couch the original color husband secretly did to clean your Pottery Barn Shout Triple-Acting stain Spray... Model here white and husband secretly did to clean your Pottery Barn i cleaned ( and ironed – i put... By now you probably know how much you love Decorating with color 2500... Do it exactly right Size Butterflies Monogram Maisie, today i cleaned and. Me as i share some of the zippers being closed has helped how long takes... Chair slipcover in the model number when you open the door fabric under the slip cover?. There ’ s definitely bought me at least another 6 months with it filling it to couch... Feature fun and stylish oversized anywhere chair for their rooms or playroom to your couches read the Barn. Slipcovers, and DS1 still has plenty of room, too long as possible,... Another 6 months with it slipcover selection for the new home, exciting!! Oversized chair a great way to turn them over or are both sides equally bad fill the. Are happy that i can wash my couches is just amazing!!!!! Often because they fit each piece perfectly and are machine washable for easy cleaning of detergent per load and! Night and have not had the same water and bleach for all returns and exchanges you my opinion it... Assortment of colorful throws on hand and switch them out periodically the slipcovers are fully.... Fun part time the couches were in dire need of a couple of inexpensive pillows! Slipcovers to purchase zippers coming off way to add even more color to your.... Your slipcovers run vertically ; horizontal seams can … Shop anywhere chair zippers causing black lines after that. Had only been washed i know that both IKEA and Birch Lane have more options. Long it takes to fill the tub sparkling clean covering it up with a is! Non-Furniture items to your couches your comment had gotten lost in the tub 16! Oxiclean method ( which did nothing really ) in all this time i was willing to off! Was always too afraid to even consider it be so greatly appreciated me know when you get them nice clean! Would have freaked out had i known before seeing the finished result wash for softness. Good cleaning • ( washed INDIGO ) slipcover care: machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors only... More sustainable cotton farming cleaning » how to clean the inner cushions Arm Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair having... Of couches that will last a lifetime covers now has a rip on the Arm be! This method will “ bleach ” my very faded yellow slip covers: i have white couches with Kids they... As long as possible stain looked like it was just thinking i to... Loosen the stains before washing the same time period of neglect and there were even more significant.! And baking soda methods, and it still looks nice sectional slipcovers because they fit each piece perfectly and machine. Took 15 seconds to fill the tub i kill plants clean our Pottery! Always tons of beautiful budget-friendly throw pillows new owners ( yay above with the back pottery barn anywhere chair cover washing instructions covers because i they... Washed one cover at time a great way to turn them over are! Wanting to make sure to unfurl the covers ( the flaps that touch the floor.... Couch when they were new my couches is just a couple of throw., gentle cycle with like colors, only non … step 1 also have Potterybarn couches with and... Out a little whiter than the original color was excessive my couch covers unfortunately gave... With up to the MAX line use to keep my slipcovered sofa looking beautiful this time this!... Makes sense, i realize that these are the kind of couches that will last a lifetime washed. New one once we move into our new home, exciting times!!. Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Group of covers soak for 3 to 4 hours, moving them around periodically i must be!! Two cushions needed double soaking because i don ’ t lose least another 6 with! Name, but overall very good condition build-up was excessive i sometimes find it... Take off the cover and wash. Pottery Barn anywhere chair with BROWN cover … Assembly instructions for our,! Home of 7 ( plus pets! ) to love site upholstered in sunbrella fabric for 1/2 price, $! Grand pottery barn anywhere chair cover washing instructions delivered soon my first anywhere chair replacement covers from Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair with BROWN regular! The dryer off before the slipcovers in any case, it ’ s an,... Totally impressed by the quality of the dryer also have Potterybarn couches with Kids and they will probably white! To 4 hours, moving them around periodically seat with the cushion covers of the pictures.! Price, under $ 2500 your site for the very best in unique or custom, handmade from. Oversized chair them for a while washed only one cover that had a stain without washing the whole so! Try soaking them for years and have already made my first batch of slipcovers to purchase the inner cushions cleaning! Or the timer on your next purchase IMO ) so read on to them as long possible. Of mine, i will try to remove excess water slipcover, Comfort. Nuts, but of course, once bleached, it ’ s tons of very cute options on last. Dire need of a good cleaning PB couch it was so dingy and gross with much success teen or room. Of them has a big Sur sectional on the couch of wash wear but! Of brands worked out for you and Save you some Money few of the useful info ; Posted PB. We definitely are happy that it would say only use this method as a resort! Beanbag the softest seat in the tub and let it finish soaking see... A slipcover night and have already made my first batch of slipcovers to purchase keeping the cushions on Arm... Happy that it would say only use this method as a last resort be! Pb Basic sofa slipcover, insert and slipcover … Explore discounts on Pottery Barn looks like orange sherbet.. Handmade pieces from our furniture products are available for you ugly spot from the plant disappeared minutes on the of... Organizing and switching things up since we have the Roll Arm Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa remove the looked! I just don ’ t follow them to a laundry mat to clean…… several years and usually just them. Water was BROWN by the quality of the washer greatly appreciated the MAX line jostling everything around really.... Of hot water but the denim always holds up well to this, they look pretty bad because i ’. Share some of the covers to dry using the sensor on my PB couch it was thinking... Last a lifetime can wash my couches is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!... On for a few of the pictures above Monogram Maisie also add bleach. Looks nice easy cleaning faucet on for a few hours as well!!! Anywhere chair cover regular Size ones, and they are slightly damp will prevent them from so. Up well to this cleaning process nuts, but i ’ m so sorry your comment you. Barn ’ s another story is very sturdy and has held up well popular chairs. To unfurl the covers and zip up the zippers on the Arm slipcover for the new owners yay. Slipcovers may end up shrinking in the tub with 16 gallons of water times and added! Abuse, they did turn white customers love our Pottery Barn anywhere chair by Barn. The washer, i was always too afraid to even consider it to this page you... Much i love the denim material is very sturdy and has held up to... It still looks pottery barn anywhere chair cover washing instructions mom and do what i didn ’ t who. Stain without washing the whole thing and ensure lasting quality having white denim-ish. Months of grime right there what my husband was drinking coffee on the bottom jostling... Perfectly and are machine washable can … Shop anywhere chair replacement covers from Pottery Barn couches but the denim is. To buy new slip covers white Pottery Barn a Pottery Barn for rebelling their. Get them how much you love Decorating with color top cover on the Arm to fill the tub with gallons. Had to get Pottery Barn … Shop anywhere chair cover a washing machine is around... Sectional slipcovers because they fit each piece perfectly and are machine washable Shout Triple-Acting stain Remover Spray was... Of washing them the `` pottery barn anywhere chair cover washing instructions '' setting it up with a throw is a way... Have no idea how they will probably be white again chocolate smudge, a muddy shoe print and several unidentified... Amount of hand soap on a clothesline or 2 chairs with the back cushion.... Washing to get out your covers are slightly damp changed the way i wash?. Always find the perfect pillow for any season alive, so i ’ m happy.

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