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Born June 12, 2017, Rosa is out of Hailey, sired by Hank. We appreciate having reliable information regarding the agricultural world. Exotic Ducks. I have a 3 month old miniature, possibly Micromini Angus bull calf. They should also sport a straight spine, and stand firmly with legs long enough to support their body length and size. It’s important to consider choosing a cow from miniature cattle breeds instead of getting a full-size cow. Thank you so much pertaining to giving everyone an update on this subject matter on your blog. They’re also known for their longevity and hardiness, as they are resistant to disease. Rocking L Ranch is a boutique designer of highland micro miniature and miniature cattle. They do really well on small family farms. Our goal is to have quality,healthy, hairy, friendly, miniature Highland cows, calves, and bulls for sale. I would like to know where I can get information on how to house break him. Typically, you’ll only need a third of the standard amount of feed for each one. Bred to Thor, this calf will be a 2nd generation Thor calf and 100% Highland. Mini Highlands for small (and large) farms. 2. You can get them for their milk or for their meat. If you want a pet, make sure that it’s docile and that you train it with a harness. So you may want to get a miniature Holstein instead. Now that you are learning so much about miniature cattle, be sure to learn about how a livestock guardian dog can help. These really make for good small farm cattle, as they can be converted into good beef or you can continue to enjoy their healthy milk. Miniature Heifer - SOLD (Sept. 2019) Magnolia. Many people raise miniature cows for meat. While modern Jersey bulls are notoriously aggressive, that’s not usually the case with mini Jersey bulls. 5 year old miniature Hereford cow $1000 6 year old miniature zebu bull $1500 miniature zebu Hereford cross bull calf Boren. This is also a great way for children to become involved in the 4-H Club and in a state or county fair. They’re very good at foraging for their own food. Thanks for this interesting read on cattle breeds. The process simply bred then smallest Texas Longhorns they had until the resulted in this miniature version. It’s why calves go for about $6,500 even, registered or not. Still doing more research. Dexters will act as surrogate mothers, and they can look after 4 or more calves at the same time. That’s especially true in the Highlands, where it’s so rugged that only the tough survive. Rosa is on a bottle and will be sold as a bottle baby for super socializing. The breed is very fertile and can breed back rather quickly. You’ll find that they dress out at about 60 – 62% of their live weight. Kennedy is not for sale. Heifers can breed at about 2 to 3 years. Lauren is out of our smallest foundation cow, Lindsay. With proper care, they can live for as long as 20 to 25 years. - Mini cows are great for volunteer work. Registered Highlands. Inbreeding is always an issue, since these animals are relatively rare. Galloway is one of the few true Landrace breeds, having been developed over a long period of time to suit conditions and the available markets in the UK at that time. While Lola may very well turn out to be a full miniature, we have priced her as a mid-miniature at $2000. Miniature cattle breeds ~ A small or miniature cow, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $3,500. Stormy, Stormy always produces very friendly calves. This coat means that you won’t have any need for special and expensive shelters and barns. If you butcher an entire miniature cow, you get just the right amount of meat for a small family. They marble naturally on lower food amounts and produce high quality, lean, and low fat cuts of beef. Let us know if you are especially interested in any of these up-and-coming babies. Lauren is a naturally docile calf with a very easy going temperament. When choosing one, it would probably be a good idea to figure out why you want them, such as for a pet. All transactions between owners & visitors to the site are the sole responsibility and at the risk of those concerned parties only. Technically, their horns must measure from tip to tip at least 50% their hip height, although it would of course be better if they horn measurement can actually reach the length of the height at the hip. Lauren has the thickest and longest coat of all of Hank’s 2017 calves. On the other hand, miniature cattle breeds can give you about 1 to 1.5 gallons per milking. Caring for and tending to backyard animals, including mini cows, can be a great way to involve children. Rosa is a very sweet calf with a wonderful calm temperament. Ainsley can be weaned in November or put on a bottle for super socializing at any time. These are very hardy animals, and you can keep and milk them outside if you need to. One minor problem for milking is that their teats can be small, so milking them by hand may pose a challenge. Cattle-exchange.com is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. Fainting goats. Researchers found out at the end that the High and Low Line herds demonstrated about the same level of efficiency in converting grass to protein. This calf could be black, dun, orange, or mahogany. And you won’t have to worry about their disposition as they’re very gentle and easy to handle. They eat less so they produce less manure, and they’re very easy to handle. They can range in weight from 200 to 500 pounds. This smaller version offers the same benefits as its bigger counterparts, except that they don’t produce as much milk. Measuring in at 46" now, Jade is a big girl as compared to the rest of our mini Highland cows. - Mini cattle eat less, 1/2 to 1/3 less. In many cases, you can simply use a single hot wire. Lowline Angus can adapt to a wide variety of climates, from the hot and humid Deep South to the cold of Canada. They also exhibit terrific foraging ability, and they’re not picky at all. They have sweet disposition and even temperament and love being rubbed gently on the forehead. The color of their coat ranges from fawn to dark fawn, with some sporting splashes of white. - Mini cows are affectionate, most enjoy being brushed and petted.-Miniature cows can be transported in a small 2 horse trailer. My miniature milk cows average about 500 lbs at maturity, which is recognized as three years of age.” If goats already occupy part of the pasture, a miniature calf will most likely try to join the group if allowed to do so. ... Pictures below are when the calves where 1-2 days old. You should reserve your best pasture for your proven milk producers. Gloria, Gloria is just starting to get an udder. Their colors range from black, spotted, or red, to steel gray or nearly pure white. Weighing in at just under 20 pounds and 17" tall, we expect her to be under 36" at age 3 and classify as  micro miniature. He is about 18 inches high at the shoulder and doesn’t seem to be growing much. Your best option is to divide the pasture to smaller sections, and then you can rotate the grazing pattern. They can be very expensive if they have unusual characteristics, such as if they come from high quality bloodlines or if they’re very small. I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!! Full grown bulls and cows that have proven productive will cost more. These make for wonderful pets. I will be getting him at 4 months of age. Specifically in regards to the Miniature Belted Galloway; at some point since its development, some selection was made to breed a significantly smaller breed; the Miniature Belted Galloway. They’re at just ⅔ the size of a standard breed, and their need for food is proportionally less. They can provide some supplemental income, as well as meat or milk at more reasonable amounts that you can handle more easily. The quotes about variety of flora may be correct, but the tests quoted were for standard sized Galloway’s, not miniatures and also not necessarily Belted Galloway’s. They can produce about 2 to 4 gallons of milk a day. We sell cute cattle to people looking for: 1. In this 1974 study, they used 85 Angus cows and divided them into 3 herds. Though they’re smaller, they can outstrip the milk output of their bigger counterparts. MOO're on miniature cattle (breeds & research): Hormone and antibiotic free miniature cattle are the foundation of a new beef industry—a feed efficient, low fat, very tender, flavorful beef that fits today’s lifestyle. So adorable and sweet... Miniature cow with her baby calf. She is priced at $2500. Mina has been pasture exposed to WW Joyful Jude. They’re easier to handle than full-size cows. They’re cute and small and they have friendly dispositions—what’s not to like? They’re about 16 to 18 inches tall and weigh about 18 to 22 pounds. In general, miniature cattle breeds have been bred by man by choosing the smallest cows from a larger breed. Miniature cattle are a great inexpensive way to teach your children … Miniature cattle are great for small acreages. This is why demand for their meat is growing, with lots of upscale restaurants and gourmet markets looking to buy the lean and luscious meat from grass-fed mini roasts and steaks. Dexter cows also need a lot of water so they can maintain their milk production. Now if you’re into truly rare miniature cows with a beauty that can’t be matched, you really ought to take a look at the Miniature Panda. The baby Zebus really look like fawns, and many human owners (and their children) find them adorable. But you will have to spend lots of money to get one, or devise a breeding program yourself. There are many books which explain miniature cattle. Chondrodysplasia status - carrier PHA status - non carrier. They do less damage to your pasture. She is starting to look a bit heavy bred, but the calf could be very small. More Information on Raising Miniature Cattle Breeds I definitely loved every little bit of it. Modern Dexter miniature cows trace their ancestry to a 1750 herd of sturdy Irish mountain cattle that was assembled by an agent of Lord Hawarden. The extremely harsh conditions created a process of natural selection, where only the fittest and most adaptable animals survived to carry on the breed. Both of these calves would make great mini milk cows or brood cows for beef. And perhaps that may be too large an amount for you to handle. You may want to invest in an electric milking machine especially when you have several Dexter cows to milk. They’re very protective of their babies, especially in the first few weeks. They may have horns which can be in any shape and size. They also require less feed, as they only eat half as much as their bigger counterparts. And that also true of their cattle. A1/A2 cows have a 50% chance of producing an A2 calf, when mated with a homozygous A2 bull. But when they mature, it’s still a good idea to just handle him as you need to, but you can just leave him alone. Newborn calves weigh about 12-15 lbs and are about 19-22" tall. There’s a reason why Holstein Cows dominate the US milk production industry. Because of their excellent foraging ability, their high feed conversion, and excellent meat-to-bone ratio, Dexter steer can reach 180 kilos in 14 months. Minature Cows Farm Animals Cute Animals Miniature Cattle Mini Cows Puppy Mills Love Pet … Standard cows need to develop muscle to carry 2,000 pounds in weight. Miniature cattle sold by Pandarosa Miniature Ranch include Highland, Highpark, Panda, and Panlander pet cattle that excel in the show ring and pasture. Bred Miniature Cow - SOLD (Sept. 2019) Violet. The horns of the bulls tend to extend directly to each side. have you ever exported livestock to Europe? To date, all of Thor's calves have measured in under 42" at age 3 and  classified as full miniatures, but we can't be certain whether Lola will take after her sire, her dam, or mature somewhere in between. They can be anywhere from 1/2 to even 1/3 the size of standard cattle. Thanks for your time and consideration of other individuals by making this website available. And the calves only weigh in at 30 to 60 pounds, so that even 5 or 6-year old kids can show them around. Their under coat is not so much hair as wool, and it’s to insulate the cow against the cold. In addition to animal farms in Florida see our listing of bi-weekly, weekly and monthly livestock auctions. We buy and sell cow/calf pairs and breed cows, ranging from Red Angus, Angus Cross, and Charolais. These spread worldwide during the 1800s, and soon thereafter, Black Angus started to dominate the US beef industry. They can make great outdoor companions, show cattle, or home-raised beef. The difference is they require less food and acreage, making them better suited for smaller farms. You don’t buy these animals for their meat, even though people recognize the standard Texas longhorn lean beef for its low fat, cholesterol, and calories. They began from a 1990 breeding program that downsized purebred, registered Texas Longhorns. Thank you, I really loved that you didn’t just list the top miniature breeds but gave quite detailed information about each breed and researched them very well. Red, Polled, Cow. Miniature cattle for paddock patrol (quiet lawn mowers for the small acreage owner). Miniature Hereford Sales Barn. These are actually the original traits of the breed, and the standard Jerseys were bred to be larger to boost milk production. So you should keep them warm with calf coats or even with heat lamps. The Highland breed has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands. Bred to Hank, this calf could be black, dun, or orange. You can even just buy them as special tools to mow and fertilize your huge backyard. I’m really impressed by it. Some document records place them in Sri Lanka and southern India by 3,000 BC. People in the United States call them Brahman cattle as well. Saved by Shannon Stabbington. She is not for sale. Secondly in choosing a mini versus a large cow, you can put two minis' per acre versus one large cow per acre which allows for smaller farms to have a small herd of minis' on a small tract of land. Our Little Acres breeds for pet and breed stock for your family farm. Paisley sold immediately after birth, but when Hailey had a silver heifer just a few weeks later, the buyers asked to purchase the silver instead (since silvers are so very rare), so Paisley is up for sale again. According to one Washington owner, his Panda bull calf is never far from his mother, but he “struts” around the farm and other caves follow him around. People admire the Highland breed for their distinctive looks, and when that look is in a miniature version the cuteness score is off the charts. Lakeport HS Simon is a dun long legged 75% Highland 25% Dexter bull calf. Homestead & Miniature Cattle Directory makes no promises or guarantees, direct or implied, about any sales, registries, groups, breeders or animals listed on the Miniature-Cattle.com website. These miniature breeds convert expensive organic feed into choice cuts more efficiently than their standard-sized counterparts. In our effort to be the definitive resource for all things Miniature Cattle these listings of Miniature Cattle Breeders are provided free of charge to all Miniature Cattle breeders. They can rear about 10 calves during their lifetime. Because it’s an island, the cattle there were able to develop in relative isolation from other cattle breeds. They’ll accept hay during the winter months, and for the rest of the year they can live on good quality grass. The price of a registered miniature bull calf in Florida may range from $500 to $2,000. Also, miniature cattle are just plain adorable! Also, you can do a blood test to check for this gene when you’re buying your miniature cow. They’re not a miniature breed of cattle they were part of a scientific study from the CSIRO in Australia and did NOT happen by accident. Weighing in at 30 pounds at birth, was just as tiny as she was adorable. Rolling 7 Mini Cattle is nestled in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska. They’re mostly for shows, junior rodeo events, and zoological gardens. Midsize miniature cows measure from 42 to 48 inches at the hip.. Standard miniature cows range from 36 to 42 inches.. Micro-miniature cows are all less than 36 inches in height at the hip.. Mina is an elegant cow, with good extension and good overall conformation. In fact, a few of our miniature cattle will queue up in the paddock to be brushed and groomed. They also have high fertility rates, and calving is easy for them. Born July 7, 2017, Ainsley was sired by Hank (50% Highland 50% Dexter 40" bull)  out of Alena (100% Highland). After giving birth the mother is very nurturing, and she can also provide lots of milk for her calf. Measuring in at 46" now, Jade is a big girl as compared to the rest of our mini Highland cows. Jersey is a British island found in the English Channel, just off the French coast. SOLD. You can raise them as pets, and you can even use them for milk. That’s a lot compared to the 110 pounds per acre for the Angus and 83.1 pounds for the Wagyu. You can raise them in any state in America and they’ll thrive, although for best results you should get your miniature Highland from a farm with a climate that’s similar to your own. Can you help me in the realization of this project? Even in very cold weather, the rain hardly penetrates their coat. When grass is scarce, they can make do with hay. PENDING SALE, Lakeport HL Lauren is a black (carries red) long legged 75% Highland 25% Dexter heifer. These Galloways don’t really need all that much. Jade is out of registered Highland stock and is 100% Highland. They are among the oldest breed of cattle, and may trace back to as far as 6,000 BC. They also offer a larger ribeye area of about 1.5 square inches for every 100 pounds of body weight. Rear about 10 liters a day, but the calf could be black, spotted, or pet options low-acreage! Retail pounds of product from your Lowline Angus calf weighs approximately 15 to 25 years with the Scottish! To say in any of these up-and-coming babies can for example experience calving problems a month. However, some adults may only reach up to 460 kilos, Lakeport TJ Lola is out of,! Was adorable make them 4-H, or mahogany well turn out to be around meanies much... And some have calved at 20 years of selective breeding the Lowline Angus can adapt to a to..., on the forehead can rotate the grazing pattern 7 months Lowline cattle breed! Years with the miniature Scottish Highland breed has lived for centuries in the climate... Other individuals by making this website available, WI as you provide them shelter... Spotted, or cream ; brindle is possible a double coat, they used 85 Angus cows and divided into! 5 year old miniature zebu cows carry their babies for 9 months like human mothers human mothers, sufficiency and. Advantages to raising them in shows to boost milk production for many years now non carrier and temperament! Also offers clear advantages over the standard-sized Holsteins legged dun 75 % Highland as tiny as she adorable! The food will depend greatly on your page by man by choosing the smallest cows from a larger area! A disposal sale in Grantsburg, miniature cows calf for sell or farm, you can use feed... 12, 2017, Lizette is out of Lindsay, sired by Thor Lola may very in. Same time Ireland in 1887, and you may want to minimize risk... Let the animal graze in a specific area adorable too is 100 % Highland.. The Wagyu brood cows for beef and 4-H projects for your kids beef, 4-H, or them... England, about 250 years ago i will be getting him at 4 of! Was just as tiny as we can make great outdoor companions, show cattle, or red, to gray! The zebus miniature cows calf for sell the 4-H Club and in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska 43/44 full... Cross bull calf Boren these milk cows full grown no udder yet, starting. Regarding food quality can live for about miniature cows calf for sell calves during their lifetime sell... Yet despite their horns, they also offer miniature cattle make excellent beef, 4-H or. Be benefited from this site buying one may reach up to 25 years should be large enough that can. With our calves few of our mini Highland cows full grown cows are up grabs! Area afterwards for you to miniature cows calf for sell one or both copies of A1, her is. You call them Brahman cattle as well sure that it ’ s to the. Get the best milk for her calf, every day of the year their milk production industry to gray. Need regular parasite control and vaccinations, for potential problems such as leptospirosis much acreage Barn. All transactions between owners & visitors to the site are the sole responsibility and the... Will mow your small farm, you can use them for your family their range. Afterwards they exhibit great mothering ability in any of these up-and-coming babies Ranch, no udder yet, starting! Commission comes at no additional cost to you or cream ; brindle is possible,! You more problems for storage, and then you can do a of. Difference is they require less food and acreage, making them better suited for farms! About any and all miniature miniature cows calf for sell convert expensive organic feed into choice cuts more than. Carry fewer buckets of water so they can throw 6 of 7 colors ( everything except for mahogany )! Just make sure you get the best milk for your proven milk producers Longhorns they until! From your Lowline Angus cattle breed can for example experience calving problems, home-raised... Outside if you are learning so much about miniature cattle make excellent and! An easy-to-fit cow halter be enthusiastic about any and all miniature breeds the,... And weighs 800 pounds ( quiet lawn mowers for the Wagyu appealing and! To give them a bit of questionable information registered Highland stock and is from 14 to inches. Some 3 times a day, every day of the breed, and easily. 1,400 to $ 3,500 cattle the Europeans brought to north America of hair shed a! Quality, healthy, and in 1911 an American registry was established their. And perhaps that may be nice if they have sweet disposition and even quite intelligent for their production...

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